Strength through partnerships

The credit union network of co-operative partners and affiliates enables them to provide full service to members across the province.

SaskCentral is owned by, and is the liquidity manager for, Saskatchewan’s credit unions. SaskCentral’s strategy is focused on continually evolving to keep pace with the rapidly changing financial services environment to help credit unions meet their own targets for success. SaskCentral also maintains business relationships with, and investments in, a number of system entities on behalf of Saskatchewan credit unions.

Prairie Payment Joint Venture (PPJV) administers the outsourcing of payments processing capabilities with IBM Canada Ltd., providing payment and related support services to its owners Alberta Central (33.3%), SaskCentral (33.3%), and the Credit Union Central of Manitoba (CUCM) (33.3%).

The PPJV provides credit union members with access to the most efficient, cost-effective modernized payments processing infrastructure through IBM’s Payments-as-a Service (PaaS) platform.

Celero Solutions is a joint venture between Alberta Central, Manitoba Central and SaskCentral. Celero delivers reliable, innovative and cost-effective information technology solutions to its owner organizations, prairie credit unions and third party clients, resulting in aggregated lower technology costs to Saskatchewan credit unions.

Aviso Wealth, which is owned by CUC Wealth (50%) and Desjardins (50%), supports credit unions in meeting the wealth needs of their members by integrating wealth management services across Canada. The broadly based wealth management business is positioned to compete, provide wealth management products and services for members, enable and enhance member experience, and allow credit unions to take advantage of growth. 

Group Clearing is a joint venture of SaskCentral, Central 1, Alberta Central and Credit Union Central of Manitoba that provides governance and oversight to group clearing strategies, activities and risks on behalf of credit unions across the country.

Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) is the national trade association for the Canadian credit union system, representing Canada’s credit unions, caisses populaires outside Quebec, and provincial credit union central organizations. CCUA is the first national credit union-governed organization in Canada and works on behalf of its members in three key areas: advocating for government legislation that supports credit unions; raising awareness for credit unions with government, media and the public; and delivering expert insights to credit unions to inform their strategies.

The Co-operators is a 100% Canadian-owned and operated company insuring over two million people Canada-wide. Its member-owners are co-operatives, credit unions and like-minded organizations, representing a variety of sectors and regions across the country. The Co-operators supports and funds the development of community-oriented co-operatives and social enterprises, and works to contribute to communities across Canada.

The Co-operators owns CUMIS, which partners with credit unions to deliver a wide range of insurance, wealth management and investment services. CUMIS’ principal companies are CUMIS Life Insurance Company and CUMIS General Insurance.