The Credit Union Difference

Local ownership and control
Each Saskatchewan credit union is an autonomous, separate entity, owned and controlled by local people. 

By purchasing a share in the credit union for a minimal cost, customers of the credit union become members. Each member owns one share and has one vote. Members vote on major decisions such as electing a board of directors to control the direction of the credit union. The local board hires the General Manager/CEO of the credit union. 

Strength through partnerships
Saskatchewan credit unions are part of a network of credit unions and related organizations ensuring they are always there for members by providing a broad range of financial products and services. 

Credit unions have access to trust services, leasing, small to medium-sized business financial services, card products, wealth management, financial planning, investment and insurance services through this network. 

Community investment
Credit unions contribute to the local economy by providing employment and having a presence in the community. Knowledgeable and professional people work in credit unions across the province and are active participants in their communities.

Saskatchewan credit unions use their resources and network support a broad range of local and provincial initiatives that contribute to growing Saskatchewan communities.

Provincially regulated
Credit unions are provincially regulated. The Credit Union Act, 1998 provides the overall framework for the incorporation and regulation of credit unions in Saskatchewan. The Act describes the responsibilities, obligations and powers of credit unions, the Registrar of Credit Unions and the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation (CUDGC).

CUDGC is given responsibility by the provincial government to guarantee the full amount of funds on deposit with Saskatchewan credit unions and to provide preventive services that support the financial strength of credit unions.

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